29 November 2018 Reading time: 2 minutes

Introducing the updated documentation for ISPsystem software products

Screenshot of new ISPsystem documentation

We now introduce the updated documentation for our software products. We’ve replaced the outdated documentation on Wiki to Confluence with a more modern look, re-designed the structure, and changed the way how we write articles. Now it’s a lot easier to read and find the information you need. We hope you enjoy this new documentation, and we're still making it better!

What has been changed

URL. You can find the ISPsystem documentation at docs.ispsystem.com. If you use this website on a regular basis, please save it as a bookmark.

Design. We’ve designed the new documentation to match the look of the ISPsystem Client area and new versions of VMmanager, ISPmanager, and BILLmanager.

Content and search. All the products have the Contents section on the left-hand sidebar. You can search for an answer to a specific question by keywords. If you enter a question on the Home page, the system will search through all of our documentation articles. When you enter it on a product page, the search will be performed only in the selected section.

Style. Our new articles are simple and useful, and we will continually improve the existing guides. We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to understand and use our products.

Live-chat and Client area. If you cannot find an answer in the documentation, write to our Live-chat (in the lower right corner) or send a ticket to the Support center from your Client area (the upper menu)

Mobile version. Now our documentation is mobile-friendly allowing users to find the information they need on a smartphone or tablet.

Working process. We’ve organized the working processes between our developers, technical writers, and translators to make sure the documentation is always accurate and up to date.

What’s next

Some articles were imported unchanged, so we’ll be working on them to enhance the documentation. We’ll start with the most popular guides and add video tutorials for complicated questions. Some of them are already available on our YouTube channel. You will be able to rate every article and leave comments.

We’re open to your feedback! Please send your suggestions and questions to marketing@ispsystem.com.