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Top news. January 2018


In January we made some improvements to the backup system in ISPmanager and modules in DCImanager, introduced a number of new integrations in BILLmanager. We also planned a meeting with our partners at CloudFest. Read our digest for more news from ISPsystem.

3 Year SSL Certificates won’t be available for order after March 1, 2018


If you are planning to purchase an SSL certificate for 3 years, you’ll need to hurry up. All Certification Authorities will no longer issue 3-year SSL certificates. After February, 20 2018 GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Symantec and Thawte SSL certificates for 3 years won’t be available for order. Starting on March 1, 2018, you will no longer be able to purchase 3-year Comodo SSL certificates.

Registration of trial licenses

Starting from version 5.136 trial licenses for ISPsystem software products will be available only for registered customers. This new policy will be applied to new and existing ISPmanager, BILLmanager, DCImanager and VMmanager trial licenses. The new activation procedure will be applied for the panels already running on servers after they update to version 5.136. It will be displayed only to administrators. User won’t see any changes.

ISPmanager сhanges

Superuser backup. In the “Tools” section — “Backups” you can manage backup copies of the root user. A root backup includes panel system data. Now you can download, restore, and roll back the recovery. (5.138.0)

Number of backup copies. You can select the number of full and differential backup copies. In case of insufficient disk space, the oldest differential copy will be deleted; the last full copy will be kept. If there is no free space on the whole storage, the system won’t change old backups. (5.137.0)

Files in backup copies. Backup files in a storage and directory are now distributed into subdirectories regardless the username and date. This allows restoring files for a required date. (5.136.0)

Changes to Nginx-proxy. To set up the module, navigate to “Domains” — “WWW-domains”. The module is connected only to the existing web-domain with SSL certificate. When using a proxy domain, all traffic will be calculated for the domain owner. (5.138.0)

DCImanager сhanges

IPMI proxy via ihttpd. This function can be set up in a separate section and allows server owners with IPMI, having internal IP addresses, to access IPMI web-interfaces via ihttpd. Proxy is supported for Supermicro and HP (iLO 2). Learn more. (5.136.0)

Server search. This function can be also set up in a separate module. If the server search option was activated in the previous version of your control panel, the module will be installed and configured automatically. You can set the following search parameters: IP address, mask, main gateway, range, password, location, etc. For more information refer to this article . (5.136.0)

New module “IPMI console”. It allows to use the IPMI console (the jnlp file) directly from DCImanager web-interface. After the file is uploaded, a user will only need to open it with the javaws utility or by double-click. Supported devices: Supermicro, Dell, HP (iLO4), IntelBMC. For more technical details, please read this article. (5.136.0)

DCImanager сhanges

Integration with Namecheap. Introduced integration with Namecheap for selling domain names and SSL certificates. (5.136.0)

Integration with CyberPlat. Introduced integration with CyberPlat. To connect this payment system, you can use your current account with CyperPlat, or register a new one via BILLmanager. (5.138.0)

Better integration with DCImanager. The server assembly task now can ignore server configuration checks. (5.138.0)

Block registration by TLD. The billing system can now block registrations by Top-level domains. (5.136.0)

Send notifications to non-verified emails. You can send notifications to non-verified email addresses. If the restriction is set in the Global settings, you can cancel it in “Message templates” section. (5.134.0)

Meet us at CloudFest

On March 10 -16 ISPsystem will attend CloudFest (ex. WHD.global) in Germany. Pavel Guralnik, ISPsystem CEO, will speak onstage about changes on the hosting market, IasS, and tools you may need to provide services to clients. Visitors will have a change to communicate with company’s developers and customer support service.

Meet us in Europa Park, Rust, Germany on March 10-16. Our booth is R10. Please use this link for free registration.

New partners

Welcome our new partners who joined the Partner program Partner program in December 2017- January 2018