01 December 2020 Reading time: 1 minute

The speed of Docker, the reliability of KVM. LXD containers are the new virtualization type in VMmanager


A new type of virtualization — LXD by Canonical — has been added to VMmanager. These are lightweight and secure containers with Linux. They work as if they were installed on a physical server or a virtual machine.

LXD virtualization allows the following:

  • Limit container resources "live",
  • Isolate containers and projects from each other,
  • Ensure security of cluster nodes,
  • Use node resources flexibly and efficiently,
  • Provision virtual resources in a few seconds.

Comparative testing of LXD and KVM virtualizations for speed and density

Technical implementation of LXD virtualization in VMmanager

Official documentation for configuring an LXD server

Try LXD virtualization as a fast and reliable alternative to HyperV, VMware or KVM, OVZ. Simply add an empty node with Ubuntu 20.04 and create containers.

LXD management in VMmanager does not require console skills: you can configure the cluster and manage containers in the graphical interface.

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