26 April 2018 Reading time: 5 minutes

BILLmanager 6 beta: new Client area interface

Elena Yamschikova

Elena Yamschikova

Product manager of BILLmanager


Starting from April 26, 2018, BILLmanager supports the alternative beta version of the Client area. Have a look at the demo or go further and use it now for your project. We added the check tool, so the upgrade will be smooth.

A lot of our customers have already got a glimpse of the new user area inside their ISPsystem account. Now you can have the same view from the inside, as a provider.

How to find

Website demo. You can go through the user interface of BILLmanager 6 without actually installing it on the server. Test filters and try to order a new SSL, VPS, or dedicated server.

Trial version. You can download a trial license of BILLmanager and activate the upgraded user interface for your new project from there. Just make sure to select Beta during installation. BILLmanager will still be free for below 50 customers.

How to upgrade

In order to have the new interface for your current project, please upgrade your BILLmanager to version 5.150.0 per our manual. After that, just enable the interface of BILLmanager 6 in provider settings.

BILLmanager will check your current settings and give advice

BILLmanager will check your current settings and give advice on where you need to edit something. For details, see the section "Compatibility Check" in our documentation. You can invite your clients to test the new interface, or just activate it for new clients per default. You will always be able to switch back to the old interface.

Where to send feature requests

Email. Send your thoughts to our product managers at feedback@ispsystem.com.

Forum. Communicate with other users.

Feature Request. Suggest new features and improvements.

What else

Apart from colors, fonts, icons, and fields, we have changed the logic of client interaction. Everything revolves around ordering and service management now.

Dashboard. The provider can add any tariff plan here. If there are no tariff plans to show on the dashboard, then the client will start with the order page. From the starting page, it is also possible to top up the account balance and open a ticket.

Starting order page in ISPsystem account area

Standard services. We redesigned the process of setting, ordering, and managing the most popular services, such as VPS, domains, SSL, and virtual data centers. Other services use the standard form. Have a look at how the VPS order form has changed: Now the user can not only select a predefined tariff plan but also configure it on his/her own.

New VPS order form in BILLmanager

Dynamic filters. If a client decided to order a service from the billing system, he/she can use dynamic filters to find a suitable plan, even if there are hundreds of similar tariff plan inside. Just specify the parameters, and BILLmanager will show only those plans that have the given parameters.

Order of an SSL certificate in the new interface

Context search in FAQ. We added FAQ to facilitate resolution of the issues and alleviate load off the technical support. FAQ can be divided into sections: dedicated servers, SSL certificates, financial questions, support, etc. You can locate the FAQ questions around the order and edit forms or in the list of active services.

Support ticket

Quick access to service functions. A client can top up the balance, view cart, and communicate with support faster now. Your client does not need to open a new webpage to do it: forms are now opened on top of the main page. The icons are hidden if there are no messages or products in the cart.


Quick order. After a client has selected a service on the website and went to the billing system, he/she will see the payment form, as opposed to seeing the cart. After payment, the service will have the status “Complete order”; the client will be able to add data if needed. It is very useful e.g. for SSL certificates: a client pays first and then adds website name, email address and other data required for certificate issue.

SSL certificate purchased after quick order


Branding. So far you cannot re-brand the interface. All you can do is add a logo of your company. We are going to add alternative colors and custom icons for services a ted later.

Plugins. If you have any custom development modules created for the previous version of BILLmanager, these module will not work for the new interface.


This year we also plan to release the stable version of the new user interface and add a proper mobile interface.