07 October 2014 Reading time: 3 minutes

ISPmanager Business now available for order


October 8, 2014. ISPsystem announces it has launched ISPmanager Business.

Key features

  • Manage shared-hosting servers from a centralized location
  • Select a specific role for each server (web-server, email-server, dns-server, database server)
  • Flexible configuration of the control panel using Policies according to user needs 
  • Detailed information on system resource usage per server

Why Business?

Old names of the versions - Lite and Pro did not give a clear picture of the differences between two versions, so we decided to rename them. ISPmanager Business is a software product that can be used for providing shared-hosting services. It is tailored for hosting company’s needs, automates a great number of tasks for hosting-server management, and delivers special tools for hosting reselling. Whereas ISPmanager Lite is intended for personal use by a client or company (i.e. servers where ISPmanager Lite is installed should not be used for client management). We hope that the name Business clearly reflects this idea.

Installation and migration

Currently you can order and install a beta version of ISPmanager 5 Business. This is a properly tested and fully functional version that you can already use to provide services to your clients. However according to our company’s release life cycle beta will change into stable after it is evaluated by our clients.

You can install the panel only on a clean server and migrate your data using migration tools provided by the control panel. The Installation and migration guide can be found in our Documentation

Prices and upgrade from ISPmanager 4 Pro

You can order ISPmanager Business in your BILLmanager Client area or at our Web-site.

Owners of ISPmanager 4 Pro lifetime will get a 30% discount on upgrade to ISPmanager Business.

1-month or 1-year licenses will upgrade free of charge.

If you upgrade from ISPmanager 5 Lite into ISPmanager Business you will only need to pay the difference in their prices

Plans for the next 2 months

Version 5.21 (November 12):

  • User migration between internal and external servers
  •  Support for CloudLinux (limits and php-selector)
  •  Backups

Version 5.22 (December 10):

  • Support for CentOS 7

Moreover, new versions will include other minor improvements requested by our clients

ISPmanager 4 end-of-life

December 1, 2014 - only existing clients (who has at least one license on ISPmanager 4 Lite) will be able to order Lite and Pro

December 1, 2015 - end of sales of ISPmanager 4 to all clients. We also stop providing technical support for these products (at our Forum and in your Client area).

December 1, 2016 – new updates for ISPmanager 4 are no longer released (including critical bugfixes). We stop providing any technical support, consulting and paid works. Therefore, the ISPmanager 4 lifecycle started on March 19, 2004 and will end on December 1, 2016, thus the ISPmanager 4 Pro lifecycle is 12 years and 8 months.

This is a pretty long period for a software product. Please note that you can continue using ISPmanager 4 lifetime as long as you want after the product reaches the end of its life.

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