16 September 2014 Reading time: 2 minutes

Public testing of ISPmanager 5 Pro


September 17, 2014. ISPsystem announces that all potential and existing users can participate in alpha testing of ISPmanager Pro 5, a new software product from our company. This is the major version ISPmanager 4 Pro, the most popular software for shared hosting management. A new version of ISPmanager is based on our experience in developing and managing ISPmanager, and delivers a great number of new features. ISPmanager Pro is a software product that can be used for providing shared-hosting services. It automates a great number of tasks for hosting-server management, and provides you clients with a wide range of functions for managing their hosting account.

New features

  • Manage shared-hosting servers from a centralized location 
  • Use key features of CloudLinux and cgroups for more flexible configuration of user limits (under development)
  • Select a specific role for each server (web-server, email-server, dns-server, database server) 
  • Flexible configuration of the control panel using Policies according to user needs 
  • Detailed information on various resource usage per server 

This version is not intended for production and can only be used for information and testing. ISPmanager Pro 5 will be released on October 8, 2014

Important notes

We neither provide any user manuals at this development stage (documentation is coming soon) nor undertake any responsibility on providing technical support for that product. You may submit bug reports via our public bugtrack system. We highly appreciate all your suggestions on how we can better our new software product.


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We are thankful for your interest in testing and your useful feedback!