25 December 2018 Reading time: 2 minutes

Miracle standby mode is on

While counting days before the end of the year and waiting for new miracles, let’s flip through our New Year digest. This time, we tried to keep it short and warm. We also prepared a couple of puzzles so don’t forget to follow the link. We hope you’ll enjoy it ❤

My phone is affected by virus, wha can l donow

We still laugh when we remember getting this message from a user. We received a lot of funny stuff in the tickets over this year: People confessed in love, proposed to marry them, accused us in stealing their adult content, threatened us with going to court, and so on…
25 741 tickets solved, wow! Ask more in 2019 — we are ready.

Belize, Malawi, Surinam

Users from these small countries joined our clients in 2018. By now, our products are used in 143 countries around the world! Our business developers will continue to attend various conferences and bring us a lot of new insights.
71 042 new customers! We love you all ❤

Back to school

In 2018 we started to use new technologies and discovered a few new trends. We look for new people and have launched a few lectures for students. To be continued in 2019!
350 hours preparing and 26 hours teaching the art of frontend and backend development in our courses!

Solve the puzzle and get a gift!

You can solve the puzzle and get an annual license of ISPmanager Lite. Switch off work for a while and try to solve 12 puzzles – follow the link to find out more.

I’ll be the first!

Draw Alice in an UX designland

We drew and wrote a lot for Medium this year. We know for a fact that these illustrations stirred your hearts and interested you. Here is the selection of pictures that you really loved — to be continued with much more fun in 2019!
58 posts and illustrations published on our website!
See you in January!