23 July 2018 Reading time: 1 minute

Customer phone verification in BILLmanager 6


Staring from version 5.160.0 BILLmanager 6 supports customer verifications after registration. With this option enabled, a new user must enter his phone number and confirm it with the verification code in SMS or via an automated voice phone call. The customer won’t be able to log into his Client area unless he has his phone number verified.

How to set phone verification

If you have already enabled this option in BILLmanager 5, you simply need to activate it for the new interface. Navigate to “Global settings” — “Clients verification ” and select the “After registration” check box. Enter the number of attempts to receive and enter the code.

If you have never used the verification procedure in BILLmanager 5, you need to enable it. Navigate to “Integration” — “Message gateways” (Learn more). Next, go to the “Global settings” module and enable the phone verification feature.