10 May 2017 Reading time: 2 minutes

Reselling of virtual data centers (IaaS)


In May we have introduced reselling of virtual data centers (VDC) based on VMware vCloud Director. Reselling is only available between two BILLmanager Corporate platforms

VMware vCloud Director (vCD) is an additional application for infrastructure based on VMware vSphere. It allows for more featured operation with your cloud, such as cloud creation, selling, and IaaS management.

Integration between VMware vCD and BILLmanager

In 2016 we introduced the integration module between BILLmanager and VMware vCD. With BILLmanager it became easier to manage and sell VDC. CloudLITE was the first project that started using this integration.

VDC reselling in BILLmanager

Starting from beta version 5.102.0, BILLmanager can be used for VDC reselling. Resellers can resell VDC without having their own infrastructure or VMware vCloud Director license.

Advantages for providers

  • Business scaling. Increase the number of your sales channels by introducing a reselling program.

  • Flexibility. Set up individual terms and pricing for resellers.

  • Loyalty of your resellers. Provide your partners with the free version of BILLmanager, with full feature kit and all integrations.

Advantages for resellers

  • Quick start:

    • BILLmanager free version can create up to 50 clients;

    • no need to have your own infrastructure with VMware vSphere.

  • Easy to upgrade. If you have run out of the free version limits, you can simply upgrade to the unlimited commercial version. The upgrade button in available in the interface of your BILLmanager.

  • Access to VDC parameters. A reseller can provide access to VDC main parameters to its clients right from BILLmanager interface.

Nearest plans

In the nearest time we also plan to introduce manual handling of virtual data centers created with VMware vCD.

Another IaaS integration with BILLmanager - Microsoft Azure Pack.