05 October 2015 Reading time: 1 minute

Enhanced server security with RKHunter module for ISPmanager Lite


Now you can easily protect your server with the help of the well-known security tool.

Server and data security are key factors that you have to consider when working with your server. ISPmanager provides premium functionality for server management, and now can also offer the enhanced level of security against intruders: Our partners from Admin-Ahead integrated ISPmanager Lite with the popular server security tool RKHunter.

RKHunter automatically scans a server for rootkits and outputs the list of potential vulnerabilities. Rootkits are malicious software that gives an attacker access to a server and masks its existence, which potentially brings very high risks. Therefore, such tool as RKHunter for ISPmanager Lite significantly increases security of your server.

You can order and try RKHunter for your ISPmanager on the website of Admin-Ahead http://admin-ahead.com in the section “ISPmanager”.


Admin-Ahead Server Technologies has the many years’ experience in server administration. This experience helped the company to learn everything about key needs faced by administrators and website owners. Now Admin-Ahead is also focused on integration of popular tools with hosting control panels. Adding RKHunter to ISPmanager is just the first step towards development of our mutual cooperation with Admin-Ahead.