28 September 2014 Reading time: 1 minute

Secure remote access


Your data is important and should be secure. We do everything possible to offer you a more simple and safe way to allow tech support staff to have remote access to your server. You no longer need to send your root credentials in Support tickets, Forum, via Live-chat or other insecure channels.

In ISPsystem's software products version 5.19 and later you will only need to select the check box Allow access for support to allow our technical support staff to have remote access to your machine.

How it works?

When you select the check box, the system will download the ssh-key and allow for root access to your server both through Shell and the control panel. Clearing the check box will delete the key.

For more information, please read this article.

Our partners, who provide their clients with technical assistance, can activate keys for their own support staff. In this case the hint next to the check box will show the name of our partner. If you are our partner and want to use this option, please send us your public key and your company’s name (how it will be shown in the hint) from your Client area at eu.ispsystem.com.

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