10 October 2013 Reading time: 1 minute

Order our updated software products


Some software products v4 - VDSmanager Linux 4, DSmanager 4, DNSmanager 4 and IPmanager 4 -  are no longer available for order at our web-site and in your member area in BILLmanager. Now you can order only their new versions - VMmanager, VEmanager, IFXmanager, DNSmanager 5 and IPmanager 5. However, if for some reason you want to buy old versions, you may send us a request and will provide you with this opportunity.

Our updated software line is based on a new kernel that allows for better performance and more functionality. Refer to our web-site for more information about the products, their key features and prices.

Not long ago we announced alpha-version of ISPmanager 5, Lite. Starting today all users can participate in alpha-testing of our new software product.

We would like to remind you, that w do not provide any technical assistance and documentation at this development stage. All your suggestions, comments and thoughts you can send to the public bug tracking system.

You can order licenses on software licenses v5 in  your member area - Products/services – Software licenses

For more information please contact our Sales department sales@ispsystem.com