20 December 2009 Reading time: 1 minute

VDSmanager for FreeBSD 8


The ISPsystem company is proud to announce the launch of the virtualization system for FreeBSD 8 OS. VDSmanager-FreeBSD has passed all steps of testing. Now it is available for installation on the i386 and amd64 platforms. Our tests have shown that a new virtualization system is superior to the virtualization system for FreeBSD 6 OS in productivity.

Also we have revised our price policy for VDSmanager-FreeBSD and we have reduced the prices for this software:

  • VDSmanager-FreeBSD - license for 1 month - 29 EUR
  • VDSmanager-FreeBSD - lifetime license - 190 EUR
  • plus traditional discounts up to 50%.

VDSmanager license for FreeBSD 6

Now you cannot order VDSmanager and VDSmanager-SMP licenses, but you may renew them at the old prices. Also you may convert your license to a new one  free of cost. Please note, that once converted, the new licenses will run on  FreeBSD 8 only. If you'd like to buy a VDSmanager or VDSmanager-SMP license for FreeBSD 6, you may submit a ticket about it to our Finance Department.

Disk templates for FreeBSD 8

Currently only the disk template with FreeBSD 8 minimal installation is available. The template with  full-featured pre-installed software + ISPmanager will be available in the nearest future.