26 June 2018 Reading time: 2 minutes

New Virusdie features for ISPmanager


Virusdie users now can not only scan files for viruses but also check if the website is blacklisted and submit false positives to developers. These and other new features are available in ISPmanager starting from version 5.155.0.

Monitoring domain blacklists. Virusdie checks if your domain is blacklisted by Google and 50 other databases of dangerous pages.

Scanning of archives. Now you do not need to unpack archives (ZIP, TAR, GZIP, etc.) to scan them for viruses. Please note that it will increase the scanning time.

Scanning files by date and size or selecting all files at a time.. You can choose to scan all file types or filter them by modification date and size. This way you can scan those files that only have been changed after a given date or do not exceed the specified size.

Reporting malware or false positives. A false positive is a mistake that happens occasionally: the antivirus thinks a file is harmful when it's actually safe. Or on the contrary, it may miss malware. Now Virusdie users can submit such cases to developers directly from ISPmanager. Having assessed the situation, Virusdie experts will add the file to exceptions or include in signature databases.

Detailed scan reports. Now reports contain not only the name of the threat but also the level of its danger, its expanded description, and recommendations for further actions. They will also tell whether this is an infection or just suspicion and if automatic treatment is available.

The free integration module for Virusdie in ISPmanager checks the site for malware, while its paid version automatically cures infected files. The free version supports only scanning of all files and archives. All other features listed in this news are available in paid Virusdie.