01 March 2018 Reading time: 1 minute

Virusdie antivirus: free scans and lower price


All spring, from March 1 through May 31, we are going to keep the Virusdie price reduced for ISPmanager. It will now cost 5 euro against the previous price of 13 euro.

The free Virusdie version will also be upgraded. It allows you to scan a website for malicious code: viruses, trojans, spam bots. Before March 1, users only had one free scan per month. Now, you can scan your website for viruses every 3 hours, and for free!

If scanning has detected any infected files, you can cure it using the full version of Virusdie. This version can delete the infection very precisely, and your website will keep its steady operation after the automatic curing.

Read more about the website antivirus.