11 March 2013 Reading time: 2 minutes

VMmanager: Introducing a new software product


March 12, 2013. ISPsystem announces the launch of VMmanager, a new software product that enables you to manage your virtualization systems more effectively. VMmanager can be used both for hosting virtual machines and building a cloud. 

With VMmanager you can manage not only one server, but a large cluster to provide scalable performance under increasing workloads to meet your business needs. 

VMmanager is based on COREmanager, a new kernel that is used for all ISPsystem products. It is much faster, more flexible and secure. A new interface, web-installer, detailed API make this solution a new step in development of our company.   

New advantages and features:

  • A centralized web-interface for managing a cluster of hypervisors.
  • Cluster settings can be changed on all servers at a time.
  • Local and network storages.
  • Live migration of virtual machines between servers.
  • Support of primary and alias IPv6 addresses for virtual machines. 
  • Updated, easy-to-use web-interface allows for better navigation and management. 
  • Manual mamagement and analysis using libvirt.
  • Templates of operating systems. You can easily modify OS templates according to your infrastructure requirements. You can add new packages and change settings with the click of a mouse.
  • A wide range of functions for hardware management. 
  • Detailed statistical information. Monitoring of resource consumptions using charts and tables.  
  • Built-in HTML5 VNC-client.

NOTE: Only a free beta version is available now. You may order it via our site or your account in our system. To learn more about the VMmanager installation visit our documentation. We do not advise to use the beta-version in production.

If you have any questions, please contact our Sales department  sales@ispsystem.com.