27 December 2019 Reading time: 1 minute

Virtual infrastructure monitoring on VMmanager 6 Dashboard


VMmanager 6 provides a new convenient monitoring tool – a Dashboard. The Dashboard contains all the information that was displayed only in lists and cards. Now you can monitor the current status of your virtual infrastructure on a single page.

The Dashboard displays the number of clusters, nodes, virtual machines, IP addresses, and overselling rate. You can view the daily consumption of CPU, RAM, disk, and traffic per each node. It also shows what virtual machines are out of order, consume maximum resources, have issues with services on nodes or have uncompleted tasks.

Easily switch from the Dashboard to a virtual machine card to view its statistics and tasks.

For a more flexible configuration of graphs, you can use Grafana — a service for displaying large amounts of data. Authorization and data transfer are made automatically.

Next year, we are going to launch the error notifications system in VMmanager 6. An administrator will be able to receive them in messengers or to email.