10 December 2020 Reading time: 1 minute

VMmanager ranks among top server virtualization software


G2.com as listed VMmanager virtualization platform among top software products. G2 project aggregates reviews on business software and conducts regular software quality audits.

VMmanager has been named a High Performer product based on having high customer Satisfaction score.

VMmanager user evaluation

Among server virtualization software, VMmanager ranked among top five by several parameters:

First by Server Virtualization Implementation Index. This parameter indicates the simplicity and speed of implementation, as well as ease of user onboarding.

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Third by Server Virtualization Relationship Index. This indicates the ease of doing business with, the likelihood to recommend the solution to other users and the quality of technical support.

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Third by Server Virtualization Results Index. This index is the evaluation of the likelihood to recommend, meeting the requirements and estimated return on investments.

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Fourth by Server Virtualization Usability Index. This is the score for ease of use, administration, and user adoption.

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