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Last release: 5.88.0 (17.01.2017) - ChangeLog

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IPmanager - Automate IP address management tasks!

Automate IP address management tasks!

Quickly track and manage your IPs, set policies to allocate IP addresses to services and clients, all from a single web-interface. Integrate IPmanager control panel with other ISPsystem's software products to get a fully-automated solution for IP address management, including PTR changes. .

IPmanager - Only trusted IP addresses

Only trusted IP addresses

Use the built-in verification mechanism to check IP addresses against DNS based block lists or anti-spam databases, and reject such IPs. Keep track of blacklisted IP addresses and resolve the underlying issues promptly.

IPmanager - detailed statistics

Detailed web-interface statistics

The integrated statistics tool enables to keep track of IP address availability, and add new networks, when needed. Plan and create your network in a cost-effective manner.