VMmanager is a virtualization management platform

Try our solution for creating a scalable and fault-tolerant QEMU/KVM-based virtualization and LXD/LXC container environment.

VMmanager is a convenient tool for centralized management of computing and network resources. Manage the virtual environment for deploying any of your company’s services.

Combine your physical servers and network storages of your company into a single cluster and turn it into a conveyor belt serving your business objectives.

Creating virtual servers takes as little as 2 minutes, while containers can be provisioned in only 3 seconds. Live migration is a couple of mouse clicks away.

VMmanager is used in various industries

VMmanager can be flexibly integrated into the IT infrastructure of any complexity. Thousands of companies from various areas of economy use it to accomplish their tasks.

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Centralized management

No more need to install the control panel on each cluster. VMmanager can easily integrate hundreds of clusters and handle the load of thousands of virtual machines.

Fault tolerance

The platform services are independent of each other: failure of one system does not affect the entire platform. Meanwhile, Ceph storage allows you to recover from a failure.

Self-service portal

Allow the users of your corporate IT infrastructure to solve simple tasks and manage the life cycle of virtual machines and containers within the established limits.

Complete control of the infrastructure

VMmanager uses the system of metrics collection. The administrator has a flexible customizable tool for visualizing the state of the virtual infrastructure.

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VMmanager advantages


The user-friendly and easy-to-use interface reduces the entry threshold for specialists to work with the platform.

Continuous Development

VMmanager team releases updates every 2 weeks. The product continuously includes market trends and users' requests.


Any issues of VMmanager users are solved 24/7 by professional Technical Support team. The average response time is only 4 hours.


All operations related to the virtual machines life cycle are automated.

Yurii Prokopyshyn

VMmanager is a great solution for people who need to create their projects by using different operating systems. Since VMmanager allows you to install both Linux and Windows on virtual machines, it gives you great opportunities.

Yurii Prokopyshyn, CEO HyperHost Ltd.

Dmitry Yuzepchuk

With the integration of VMmanager with BILLmanager, we provide VPS services for our clients in automatic mode. It is easy to understand the settings and run the hosting in accordance with the objectives of the business.

Dmitry Yuzepchuk, CEO Reddock

Sergii Petruk

VMmanager attracts with the ability of the adaptation of the business projects, mainly the ability to integrate VMmanager with IPmanager, DNSmanager, and other modules. The perfect solution for companies which is needed to sell VPS in "industrial" scale.

Sergii Petruk, CTO Seсom

Alexey Chekushkin

VMmanager was a right tool for starting high availability VPS services. Extensive experience with the products of ISPsystem allowed us to deploy a test version in week, and in two – real clients already worked on the infrastructure.

–  Alexey Chekushkin, CEO of FirstVDS

Alexandra Leslie

ISPsystem is gaining global traction with their VMmanager. The customer-focused platform is a model of flexibility, offering bargain-priced 1-month or 1-year plans in addition to lifetime licenses and a free version that won’t expire.

–  Alexandra Leslie, Tech Vertical Manager at HostingAdvice.com

Sedinkin Alexander

VMmanager provides an intuitive interface allowing a hosting provider or a cloud provider to create virtual servers for their own use or for clients. Another advantage of VMmanager is a possibility to integrate it with BILLmanager. We use it to provide our clients with tools to manage their VPS more flexibly.

–  Sedinkin Alexander, CEO TheHost.ua

Ivan Anfimov

What I liked in VMmanager 6 is the clustering system. We can easily manage equipment on different locations without the need to install several control panels VMmanager.

– Ivan Anfimov, System Engineer at Rustelekom

Stanislav Tretyak

This is a brand new intuitive web-interface. You can view the real-time load. A new cloning function made it possible to take the product to a new level. Providers can add cluster nodes easily.

– Stanislav Tretyak, Founder of ServeraUkr

Tair Yunusov

We have been using VMmanager 5 for several years already, and we really like the way the product is being developed. A new version enables to reduce the duration of VM deployment from OS.

– Tair Yunusov, Senior support specialist at PS Internet Company.

Andrey Garmatyuk

In new VMmanager 6, I like new cutting-edge UI, intuitive server management, and resource monitoring for each virtual machine or a group of them. Another great features are mass VM cloning and cluster management.

– Andrey Garmatyuk, CEO GMhost

Fedor Bogomolov

VMmanager works incredibly fast, virtual machines are created in 2-3 minutes. Astonishing! And thanks to its architecture the product copes with the processing of data from thousands of VM, with no freezing or glitches.

–  Fedor Bogomolov, CEO ISPlicense

If we did not have VMmanager, it would complicate our processes. We would have to write our own integration with the billing system or look for alternatives and refine them. In VMmanager everything is automated. We save time and users get a handy control panel.

–  Ilya Shashlov, Lead deployment Engineer RackStore

Thousands of companies in 130 countries use VMmanager