04 April 2022 Reading time: 6 minutes

Improved BILLmanager 6 with a new interface to be released soon


From April 12, BILLmanager will allow you to add a new theme to your client area. In the new theme, we added visual clarity, improved navigation and user paths. Providers will be able to customize the client area by adding their own plugins. In June 2022, the new design will also appear in the provider’s area.

You can take advantage of the new BILLmanager interface by switching to the new line of tariff rates called BILLmanager 6. Prices will remain at the same level, and the starting rate will be even cheaper than before.

Why we decided to update the interface

The basic BILLmanager interface was developed in the early 2000s. The product has evolved over time. The old design gradually stopped matching the capabilities of BILLmanager and time - it looks outdated.

For the user, the client area is a portal for communicating with the provider, buying and renewing services. We want it to be in line with current trends in interface design and engineering.

In 2018, we already made an attempt to create an updated interface and released its version - BILLmanager 6. However, that solution lacked the possibility of client area customization by the hosting provider There were no notifications or related products, no ability to add your own plugins.

In the new implementation of BILLmanager 6 of 2022, we took into account users' comments and past experience and kept the best features of the product.

What improvements will be available in BILLmanager with the new interface?

Let us give an insight on several improvements scheduled to come out on April 12. All of them are aimed at making it easier for users to work in the client area, to help order and pay for services, manage services, and contact technical support.

new interface
new interface

The new version of BILLmanager has a lightweight modern interface. At the same time, we retained all the technical customization options. For example, you can add your own plugins.

The design changes are aimed at making the platform easy and convenient to use.

The dark navigation bar highlights the main work area. In it you can manage your tabs and customize them to your liking. Now all the information is in one place, which makes it easier to navigate.

Fragment of the BILLmanager interface with a dark navigation bar

Working with tables will become more convenient - we brought back the alternation of colors in the rows. This will make it easier to read large amounts of information.

Convenient tables in which it is easy to find the necessary information

The design of the Technical Support section has been updated:

Different types of messages have their own color - now it is easier for clients to navigate in correspondence;

The text of the messages is not stretched over the entire screen, but limited in width, which greatly facilitates the readability and simplifies the work of the operator.

Technical Support
Customer support chat

How do I turn on and try the new interface?

To try the new interface, you need to choose a rate from the updated range of BILLmanager 6 in your client area. Read more about prices and conditions in the news: “A new line of tariff rates to be released for BILLmanager”.

Connection of a new BILLmanager client interface is performed in the provider settings: ProviderProvidersEdit button → Main settings block. РThe client design is controlled by the selection of the Theme:

  • Classic - a classic layout
  • BILLmanager 6 (legacy)
  • BILLmanager 6 - new interface

What will happen to support of the current versions of the interfaces?

The classic BILLmanager interface will remain available to clients and providers. You can enable it in the provider settings, and users will be able to change the design directly in the client area.

We plan to support the classic interface throughout 2022, and we will announce any changes as they become available.

The legacy BILLmanager 6 interface will be available to all clients until July 2022, when the new interface will become the main interface of BILLmanager 6. In the future, new clients will not be able to use the legacy interface, while current BILLmanager clients will retain access to it.

BILLmanager interface support and updates plan in 2022

Client area

Interface April 12, 2022 from July 2022
Client area New BILLmanager 6 interface Disabled by default Enabled by default
All updates are supported
Classic BILLmanager interface Enabled by default Disabled by default
Updates are supported
Legacy BILLmanager 6 interface Enabled by default Not available for new installation
Only critical updates

Provider's area

Interface April 12, 2022 June 2022 September 2022
Provider's area New BILLmanager 6 interface In development Disabled by default Enabled by default
All updates are supported
Classic BILLmanager Enabled by default Disabled by default
All updates are supported

What is coming next?

At the beginning of May 2022 we will connect the new interface to the ISPsystem client area to collect feedback from our users as soon as possible.

Starting in July 2022, the new interface will become the main interface for the client area, and in September for the provider's area as well.

Throughout the year, we will continue to improve the interface of the product in both the client area and the provider's area. For example, we will change the navigation within BILLmanager to help increase conversions to orders. BILLmanager will become more convenient for both clients and users of the administrative part of the platform.

We will welcome feedback from our clients and will try to take into account all comments.

We look forward to your suggestions in the ISPsystem improvement request service: BILLmanager feature request