20 December 2017 Reading time: 1 minute

Speed up and protect your websites with Cloudflare


ISPmanager (5.132.0) can manage free features of Cloudflare content delivery network. This service boosts and protects websites. The free features will be valued by the owners of personal websites, small blogs, or those who want to test this service before purchasing.

Websites connected to Cloudflare normally work faster since it saves the static content on its side and gives it to users from the nearest servers. Inbound traffic also goes through Cloudflare, which allows it to stop suspicious website requests during DDoS attacks.

Cloudflare uses 118 data centers around the globe, including locations in Moscow and Kiev. ISPmanager is integrated with the free version of the service. You don’t need to pay for traffic, installation and usage of Cloudflare. Besides the faster website loading, this CDN also offers a few other features.

  1. If your website is unavailable, the service will show the cached version. It means that your service will always be online.
  2. If your website is under the DDoS attack, it will help in reflecting potentially malicious HTTP traffic.
  3. If you have no SSL certificate, it will provide fast and secure connection (Flexible SSL).

The free Cloudflare version protects your website against content theft, spam, and DDoS attacks. Furthermore, you can restrict website enter from specific countries or IP addresses. All free features for ISPmanager are described in our documentation.