13 May 2013 Reading time: 2 minutes

Join our distributor network


Our distributor network offers exclusive access to our software products to clients all over the world and greatly facilitates their usage. We believe that our offer will help you launch new business and increase profitability.

The partner network is very flexible and provides attractive pricing policy. However, we’d like to take this a step further and enable each end user to be buy and enjoy our products in his country, get technical assistance in his native language, and what’s more important, receive accounting documents that conform to local laws.

What we can offer

  • A free license on BILLmanager to fully automate reselling of our software products.
  • Individual prices on all products.
  • Monetary assistance for advertising on your local resources (banners, advertorials, SEO campaigns, trade exhibitions).
  • Extensive technical support and assistance.
  • Information about our distributor at the ISPsystem web-site specifying its geographical location for attracting more customers.

Our terms

  • You should localize our software product. We are ready to provide you with special bonuses for localization (bonuses are discussed individually).
  • Adaptation of BILLmanager to make the product suitable for local markets (contracts, payments, invoices, etc.)
  • Provide your clients with the first-line technical support in your native language.

If you need more information or assistance with our distributor network, please contact our Sales team sales@ispsystem.com.

Hurry up! The number of distributors per country is limited.

UPD: starting May 17, 2017 technical support for hosting providers is available for free. More.