12 March 2018 Reading time: 1 minute

Top news. February 2018


Our last winter digest brings you discounts on Virusdie and DDoS-Guard as well as new product improvements. Meet spring months fully armed!

Antiviral medicines for your website and other prevention techniques

It is finally spring now! Let’s make security and protection our priority for this period. We are here to help all ISPmanager users:

  1. There will be no limits for free virus checks in Virusdie. Now, you can scan your website for viruses every 3 hours, and for free!
  2. We are going to keep the Virusdie price reduced for this spring — 5 euro.
  3. Since March 1, the price for DDoS-protection is 9,5 Euro per 1 domain.

Use it wisely, as miners, spammers and competitors are wide awake.

Changes in ISPmanager

Nginx-proxy. Introduced support for Softaculous for users. (5.141.0)

Changes in BILLmanager

Integration with vCloudDirector. Introduced support of network resources. (5.139.0)

Email notifications. "ID" was changed into "Ticket" in the email header. (5.141.0)

VMmanager integration.Removed the possibility to cancel the main IP address for "Clients". (5.141.0)

Changes in DCImanager

Inventory module. Added a new module for inventory and parts management. Changed the process of eqiding equipment in servers. Read more. (5.139.0)

OS installation. Introduced support of software RAID. Read more. (5.139.0)

NVMе disks. Added support of disks connected via NVMе. (5.140.0)

Switches Aggregated switch management function is now supported for some switches. (5.142.0) Read more.