26 October 2021 Reading time: 3 minutes

High availability infrastructure for hosting provider clients


With the VMmanager platform ,a hosting provider can offer not only individual VPS/VDS, but also IaaS cloud infrastructure. This allows businesses to enter the high price segment with new services, and customers to receive reliable service. Let us consider the example of high availability infrastructure for an online store.

High availability infrastructure for an online store in VMmanager

We have provided VMmanager with the following tools:

  • VxLAN private networks;
  • High availability clusters;
  • Automatic virtual machine backups.

Using these, the client of the hosting provider can independently create a high availability infrastructure for the website:

Scheme of the infrastructure for an online store, which can be built using VMmanager

This option represents two virtual machines connected by a private network. Access to the Internet is via VM 1.

VM 1 is the web server that hosts the website: Drupal CMS and ISPmanager web server control panel.

VM2 is the database. The service is deployed on a separate virtual machine located in a private network. This reduces the risk of data loss.

Private network for virtual machines

The client has configured the private network in the GUI. The private network uses VxLAN technology. With its help, the user can create any network configurations within its resources and receive the infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

However, separating into microservices is not enough to provide a truly high availability website. Therefore, in addition to this, the project uses the following features of VMmanager:

  • High availability clusters;
  • Automatic backups.

High availability

The client virtual machines are in a high availability cluster. If the node where they are located fails, the VMs will automatically be recovered on a "healthy" node.

It takes about a minute to determine if a node is available and to migrate the VMs. Images of virtual machines in high availability clusters are stored in distributed Ceph or SAN storages.

Recovering VMs in a high availability cluster

Automatic backups

It is important to ensure not only high availability, but also regular backups. This protects against mistakes that website administrators or developers can make, as well as against intruders.

We have different schedules configured for our infrastructure based on the virtual machines:

The web server is backed up every day as well as once a week. Daily backups are erased after 24 hours. Backups that are created on Sundays are stored for 3 weeks.

A backup of the database is created every day. The last 3 backups are stored.

Monetization of the service

We have reviewed a high availability infrastructure that the hosting provider can offer with VMmanager:

  • managing private networks based on the IaaS model;
  • high availability clusters;
  • automatic backups.

Each of these technologies can be monetized. For this purpose, we recommend using VMmanager in conjunction with BIILmanager, a billing platform. BILLmanager allows you to configure tariffs for the services provided. VMmanager and BILLmanager are integrated through a ready-made module.