20 June 2017 Reading time: 3 minutes

Apache is becoming faster and more efficient with new LSAPI handler


We are happy to announce the release of a new PHP handler for Apache LSAPI. It is a new add-on for CloudLinux module in ISPmanager Business. This long-awaited solution would be appreciated by all web hosting providers. LSAPI is on-par with Nginx + FPM in terms of speed and effectiveness, supports features of Apache + mod_php and .htaccess configurator, and has a lot of other advantages.

We released the CloudLinux integration module for ISPmanager Business in 2016. This module includes CageFS, PHP Selector, MySQL Governor, and LVE Manager, which altogether help providers improve their services and make their hosting faster as well as more stable and secure.

How it was before

Until recently, Nginx + FPM has been the fastest bundle of all. However, FPM requires a lot of complicated tuning and does not support .htaccess. Apache + mod_php can be a good alternative with their support of .htaccess but it is slower in PHP processing than Nginx + FPM.

.htaccess is an Apache config file which allows to set up server operation in different directories and create and manage dynamic website pages.


LSAPI (LiteSpeed Server Application Programming Interface) protocol was developed to provide a seamless and streamlined link between LiteSpeed web server and third level applications. Now, this protocol is available for Apache 2.2/2.4 web servers.

LSAPI establishes high-speed processing of PHP, on-par with Nginx + FPM, while it also supports .htaccess just like Apache + mod_php. There is no need to choose either one: LSAPI combines the best features of these popular technologies.

Key features:

  • high processing speed;
  • .htaccess support;
  • alternative PHP versions for different domains;
  • all mod_php features;
  • fully distributed caching;
  • doesn’t require any additional settings;
  • works for Apache 2.2 and newer;
  • security: based on suexec.

Who can use it

A web server with LSAPI can provide faster PHP processing and faster website loading which is a requirement for a website of any size. Slow website loading can impact results in Google search and loyalty of website visitors.

The new solution would be valued by e-commerce. .htaccess configurator allows creating and managing dynamic content. Propose your clients to extend functionality of their websites. It is especially relevant for projects using Big Data or machine learning who make personal offers to their customers.

Furthermore, providers can not only assign a dedicated PHP version for users, but also makes it possible for users themselves to choose PHP versions for different domains. LSAPI extends CageFS and PHP Selector features.

How to install

LSAPI handler is included in CloudLinux integration module available for ISPmanager Business. If you already use CloudLinux, you can easily switch PHP to LSAPI by choosing Prefork as Apache mode.

ISPmanager Business stable version 5.109.0 with all changes will be available on June 20.

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