27 June 2022 Reading time: 3 minutes

New theme of the provider area in BILLmanager 6


Starting July 5, 2022, the new BILLmanager 6 theme will be available not only for clients, but also for platform administrators.

In April, we released an updated client area. While retaining the basic features of the classic interface, including the ability to use your own plugins, we have added visual purity and changed the color scheme. We wrote more about the interface changes in the news release

Updated interface of the administrator's area

Now you can use the new interface of the client area not only on the client’s side, but also on the provider's side. The updated interface will be the same throughout the BILLmanager 6 platform and will contain all the improvements we have added.

New interface
New interface

Temporary restrictions

At the first stage of the launch of the updated provider area, not all of its functions will be available. This will not affect the main features of the product: providers will be able to perform all the usual activities in the provider area without constraints on the work.

Temporary restrictions will affect the following:

  • Quality Control module available to BILLmanager Corporate owners. For the time being, it will not be fully functional, we will fix that in upcoming releases.
  • BILLmanager 6 branding function.
  • The storefront that has not been redesigned at the current stage and will look the same. We are planning to change it completely and make it more convenient for our clients.
  • Typical out-of-the-box reports. Reports created by the client will keep functioning.

Next steps

The Branding section is already in progress and will be available to all platform users at the end of August. We will add the ability to change more colors and settings.

Interface color customization
Interface color customization

АWe also allow users to change the authorization form styles.

Setting the style of the authorization form
Setting the style of the authorization form

Next, we will start redesigning the user paths - we are going to improve the navigation within the platform. First, the changes will affect the client area: the cart, payment and ordering services.

Over the course of the year, we will consistently take each feature of the platform, analyze the user experience with it, and improve as necessary.

We strive to make BILLmanager more convenient for both clients and users of the administrative part of the platform. Feedback will be welcome and we will try to consider all comments.

You can find answers to questions about the platform, as well as leave your suggestions in the Support Center.