02 December 2014 Reading time: 1 minute

New partnership program for hosting providers


We are happy to introduce you to our Hosting Provider Partnership program, especially tailored for your needs. We greatly value your business and want to be a helping force in driving it forward!

 Explore the benefits of our Partner program

  • Great discounts on the licenses starting from 37,5%
  • Premium partner support
  • 20 additional support incidents when joining
  •  Post-pay billing system with a delay of up to 40 days
  •  Marketing and promo support from us
  •  API for automatic license ordering and provisioning
  • Automatic license installation

Which control panels are included?

Only monthly licenses for ISPmanager 5 (Lite and Business) and VMmanager (KVM, OVZ and Cloud).

Partnership conditions:

  • Have 125 Euro or more in monthly licenses
  • Discounts are only available for licensing on monthly basis
  • The program is only for partners who are providing our licenses together with their hosting services, on a particular pool of IPs and is not meant for reselling.

Buyback of lifetime licenses

Would you like to convert your Lifetime and Yearly licenses of the 5th generation to monthly licenses? We can buy them back from you (only the 5th generation) and give you a refund!

Contact our Business Development department to learn the details bizdev@ispsystem.com.

 Forum discussion

UPD: starting May 17, 2017 technical support for hosting providers is available for free. More.