15 November 2019 Reading time: 1 minute

VMmanager 6 now supports IPv6


On November 13, we introduced support of IPv6 in VMmanager 6. Now, you can manage IPv6 addresses in the panel interface and allocate them to subnets through the billing system.

In the previous version of VMmanager, it was possible to sell only single IPv6 addresses. It caused problems in server administration because the system could not allocate more than 200 IPv6 addresses.

In VMmanager 6, you can allow using /64, /80, etc. subnets on a virtual machine so users can work with any number of IP addresses in the allocated subnet. For more information please refer to the article IPv6 management.

Providers can sell IPv6 automatically only in BILLmanager.

How to create an IP pool in VMmanager 6

VMmanager 6 is a new version of the control panel for server management. It features an intuitive web-interface, resistant to heavy loads, can manage a large number of clusters, nodes, and virtual machines. The panel can be integrated with BILLmanager and WHMCS and has the API.