For the provider, BILLmanager is a cross-functional area for all its team members. Due to the flexible system of rights, the same BILLmanager can provide different access levels for administrators, marketing specialists, and account managers. It is very intuitive and secure.

For providers BILLmanager can offer:

  • Payment archives. BILLmanager creates a unified database of all payments, accounting documents, and contracts.
  • CRM. It differentiates clients per various criteria, assigns mass or personal discounts, and allows adding hidden comments for other colleagues.
  • Analytics. It provides 15 different reports on finances, customers, marketing, let alone the possibility of creating your own reports.
  • Service management. Your employees can manage, activate, prolong, update, or suspend customer services.
  • Marketing tools. It includes the system of discounts, built-in affiliate program, mass mailing, cross sales, and news notifications.

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