Control panel for server and data center equipment management

For providers and IT infrastructure owners

DCImanager automates provisioning of dedicated servers, makes it easier to manage and control data center equipment.

Server providers

By integrating DCImanager with a billing software, providers can automate provisioning of servers to their customers. The control panel activates a server after the payment is received and deploys an operating system in the shortest time possible.

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IT infrastructure owners

The control panel can manage the infrastructure of any size. DCImanager monitors equipment statuses and informs you when issues occur.


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Supported equipment

Tens of supported devices. Open API for adding new handlers.

DCImanager advantages

Multi-location support

Manage equipment in several physical locations from a single point of access.

User roles

Assign different user roles – administrator, staff member, or user for better security.

Security and stability

Weekly updates of the control panel for enhanced security and operation stability.


Say goodbye to electronic spreadsheets and numerous separate solutions.

How to add features

DCImanager incorporates multiple features and is ready for operation right after the installation. If you need to add new equipment or integrate it with a software application, you can use an open API to develop custom handlers.


Another way is to contact ISPsystem for individual development. Describe your task and send us a request. We will calculate the cost.

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As a data center engineer, I appreciate DCImanager for the convenience of rack management and server spares inventory. Another great feature, a server search, allows us to add hundreds of servers in just a few clicks every time we get a new shipment.

Sinan Sen, network engineer at PremierDC Data Center AS

G-Core Labs infrastructure is spread between 15 cities all over the world: Frankfurt, Hong-Kong, Seoul and others. DCImanager allows us to manage all these location from a single UI.

–  Pavel Poddubniy, Head of Cloud Division at G-Core Labs


DCImanager allows us to manage our entire server inventory through a single web interface, track server connections and bill for used Bandwidth and Power Consumption. Additionally it features great reinstallation and rescue functionality and custom OS templates can be created without much hassle.

–  Henry Spanka, Development Team of myVirtualserver


DCImanager is fast, easy and has lots of cool features. The idea of how DCImanager handles with servers is amazing! Users are able to add server even without IPMI, because not all servers has it. Instead of it users can add "connections" for the servers where they can add an IPMI, as well as PDU’s or switches.

–  Zoltan Karpati, Team Tá

DCImanager allows us to provide customers with all the tools they need to have control of their dedicated servers. It’s a must-have tool for providers to facilitate server deployments, monitor bandwidth usage, and track inventory.

–  Ahmed Samir, President of DigitalFyre Internet Solutions

More than 80 000 racks are managed by DCImanager