Multi-vendor support

DCImanager supports devices by the majority of popular vendors: there is no need to install software to manage each infrastructure element separately. Servers, blade servers, switches and power supply are managed in a single platform.

Support of rack servers and blade servers

DCImanager supports rack servers and blade servers of all popular brands. The administrator can manage server power, connect to IPMI via web interface or console, install the OS, monitor equipment load.

Switch support

Popular switch processing modules are available:

  • SNMP Common,
  • Cisco Catalyst (SNMP),
  • Juniper (NetConf) — a universal module for managing Juniper switches.

PDU support

DCImanager allows you to manage server power. You can monitor connections to PDU ports, enable, disable or poll the ports.

Equipment inventory

DCImanager allows you to set up equipment inventorying, rationally plan your purchases and save time: you will no longer need to inspect the racks regularly to check the number of units available and occupied.

Rack occupancy control

Using the platform, you can determine in a few seconds which data center, room or even rack a particular piece of equipment is located in. The following information is available for each rack:

  • rack name,
  • number of rack units and how many of them are available.

When adding a blade server to DCImanager, you may specify the rack, chassis and the chassis slot number in which it is located.

In the near future, we plan to add the ability to view the internal components of the rack, mark units for Colocation and view errors of devices installed in the rack.


DCImanager uses the location mechanism to logically divide the infrastructure into data centers or, for example, rooms. Location allows you to manage the entire infrastructure from the platform without using a lot of software. You can manage each location in a single dashboard:

  • view the location status: whether there are errors, whether configuration is required, etc.,
  • track the number of free racks and units,
  • configure OS templates, add hardware, etc.

Peak notifications (under development)

DCImanager allows you to extend the life of your infrastructure investments. The platform informs the administrator about the status of all critical infrastructure elements in a timely manner. When the slightest failure occurs in this system, DCImanager instantly sends an error message.