Panel versions: Stable or Beta

ISPsystem products have two release versions: Beta and Stable. The version defines how much updates and how often you will get them.

What’s the difference between Beta and Stable?

Release date
Every Tuesday
Normally, every third Tuesday of the month
Amount of updates
All recent changes
All the changes that were made during the month except for the last week.

Beta and Stable-versions are located in the repositories with different names. Therefore, during the installation process you need to enter the repository address with a required version name: beta or stable.

What version to install?

We recommend that you install a Stable version. With this version you get the full testing and this version the best to avoid crashes and other issues. You need to update it only once a month.

The Beta-version has new or improved features that you can use right after they are added.

Where can I learn about the changes?

You can learn a current stable and beta-versions, view the Change log in the control panel in the Change log section in the control panel interface or on the “Change log” page at our website: