14 October 2019 Reading time: 2 minutes

DCImanager 6 is available for installation now

We release the beta version of DCImanager 6. The panel received new features, but the main thing — it can be installed on-premise now. Join the testing!
The demo version of DCImanager 6 was introduced on August 13. Then we described the differences between the versions and shared our plans for further development. Since then added some new features:
  1. Management of PDU and its ports. It is possible to monitor servers connections to PDUs, power on and off servers from the panel.
  2. Equipment diagnostics. If you add a new server, DCImanager will diagnose it and will show information on the current configuration. If you run diagnostics on the existing server— DCImanager will check the condition of installed components and will report about problems.
  3. IPMI Proxy module. With DCImanager 6 it is possible to use IPMI for server management even if it is located in a private network.

How to receive and install your DCImanager

With DCImanager it is convenient to manage data center equipment and trace loadings.
DCImanager 6 will be free until the end of 2019 when we release the stable version. Now it can be installed on your server.
You can download the beta from the order page. You'll need a dedicated server with CentOS 7. The recommended configuration: 8 cores CPU 3 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 500 GB disk space. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

Please remember that DCImanager 6 is at the beta stage now. We do not recommend using it for production needs.

We waiting for your feedback

The DCImanager team continues the panel development and your feedback will help us to make it better for you. Contact us from your Client area or reach us from the chat on our website.