13 August 2019 Reading time: 0 minutes

DCImanager 6: a new version of the control panel for servers and data center equipment management

UPD: DCImanager is available for installation from October 15, 2019. More details.
We are excited to announce a Live demo of DCImanager 6, a new version of the control panel for servers and data center equipment management.
Now, you can explore the improved web interface and the main features, as well as manage the equipment that we have added for you.

DCImanager 6 concept

A new version is created based on experience of owners of the previous generation of the control panel, market trends, and needs of modern users.
New responsive web interface

How DCImanager differs from the product of the 5th generation

New architecture
Centralized architecture of DCImanager 5 is a large monolithic system that didn’t allow us to develop and improve the product globally. In the 6th generation we decided to use a micro service approach to improve the speed of operation, high availability, and possibility to add new functions quickly. Besides, it enabled us to implement the features for managing multiple locations from a single control panel.
Redesigned web interface
The new control panel features a modern, user-friendly, and responsive web interface. Equipment statuses and their changes are displayed automatically – you don’t need to refresh the page any more.
Enhanced statistics collection and issue forecast

For every server, DCImanager 6 displays detailed real time statistics including resources (CPU, RAM), temperature, disk and SMART monitoring, etc. We will also add notifications about possible or existing issues (they will be sent to your favorite messenger, mailbox, monitoring board inside the panel).

Network equipment management from the panel

In the new version of the control panel, you will be able not only manage network equipment from the control panel, but also make backup copies of the switches and routers configuration files.

Equipment search

With DCImanager 5, you don’t need to add information about new servers that you want to add to the control panel. We are going to enhance this process: the control panel will automatically search for new devices that are running through SNMP (such as switches, routers, PDU, etc.).


In DCImanager 5, the colocation service is provided only per server. The new control panel will enable you to reserve racks for clients’ equipment fully or partially.

New server management

What is already available in the Live demo

We have prepared a demo version with equipment and preliminary configuration. You can evaluate the new interface and test its main features:

  1. Automatic OS installation.
  2. Switches and ports management.
  3. Remote management of servers via IPMI.
  4. Racks management.
  5. Locations management.
  6. IP addresses management (support of physical networks and pools).

We have created a separate page for DCImanager 6, where you can find more information about the new control panel. You can also gain access to a Live demo and get registered for beta testing on your equipment at the beginning of Q4 2019.

Our plans

At the beginning of Q4 2019 we are going to launch a beta-version that you will be able to download for free and test on your equipment. By that time, we will add the following functions: PDU and its ports management, support of IPMI in private networks, equipment diagnostics.

In Q1 2020, we will launch a version for commercial use featuring integration with BILLmanager, HostBill and WHMCS and instructions on how integrate the panel with other billing panels. We also plan to collect statistics from equipment and modify the notifications system, introduce support of Windows operating systems and user management tools.

These are our rough plans that can be modified.

We appreciate your suggestions and thoughts as your feedback will help us prioritize the development process.