07 December 2017 Reading time: 1 minute

Top news. November 2017


From our November digest you will learn about little-known ISPmanager features, integration between BILLmanager and Google Analitics, and how to start hosting business with ISPsystem's software products.

How to use ISPmanager efficiently

We are pleased to introduce our article describing not widely known features of ISPmanager. Web developers usually not only create websites but also support them. Even basic tasks like installing and configuring WordPress, creating web-domains and databases take time. However, it can be automated with ISPmanager! The control panel can help you with other complex tasks, for example: enable SSL-certificates, save resources for backup, or protect databases from viruses.

Marketing monetary value

BILLmanager Corporate is integrated with Google Analytics (GA), a popular system of web-analytics. This integration allows hosting providers to analyze efficiency of their advertising companies, accurate money evaluation of marketing, adjust marketing strategy on time and utilize a budget wisely. For more information about this tool, please refer to the article by Pavel Karpovskii, Head of ISPsystem Marketing.

How to start hosting business


We have released three step-by-step instructions that describe how to start hosting business using ISPsystem software products. They will help you install and configure our control panels, automate provisioning of services, and set up integration with your web-site.