05 February 2019 Reading time: 4 minutes

VMmanager 6 — a new toolkit for creating virtual machines

Anton Chernousov

Anton Chernousov

VMmanager 6 Product manager

UPD: On October 8, 2019, we launched a commercial version of VMmanager 6. Now, you can install the product on your server. The SaaS version is no longer available. Learn more.

We are excited to introduce VMmanager 6 beta, a new virtualization control panel for hosting providers and development teams. To evaluate its functions you can use your own server or a get a free server from Selectel.

Understanding VMmanager 6

Automatic installation, a full set of tools for virtual machine management, infrastructure import, and many other functions made VMmanager 6 a popular virtualization control panel. However, its centralized architecture and outdated web-interface kept our panel down. It was time to develop a new version.

VMmanager 6 utilizes Conan and Docker technologies that allowed us to build a distributed system. Today we already have several separate services: for file management, notifications, VM and node monitoring. The microservice architecture helps us add new features easier than ever.

When planning our new version, we were looking to make it more user-friendly and modern. The control panel we are introducing today has an entirely new user interface.

Main features

VMmanager 6 is an ideal solution for creating isolated virtual machines.

Manage several clusters from a central point of control. Manage servers in different locations. One location – one cluster, the control panel can contain multiple clusters. Create virtual machines in different clusters and install operating systems from templates. Set up local and network storages and configure networks.
From the list you can quickly configure or delete a cluster
Create VM from templates and images. Create one or several virtual machines based on recommended configurations or images. Administrators can create a VM with custom configuration or make an image based on a running machine from which users will run their virtual servers.
When you create a virtual machine from the image you can change the resource configuration
Quickly install OS and scripts. It’s not enough to create a VM, you also need to install an operating system, deploy scripts. You can create your own OS template or use default templates and basic scripts from the ISPsystem repositories. Execute multiple custom scripts in parallel.
VMmanager 6 allows you to run multiple user scripts simultaneously
Manage a VM from a VM configuration page or list. Managing your virtual machine is very easy: activate and suspend, reinstall and restore OS, move and configure, create images and run scripts, block and delete. Perform operations on several virtual machines all at the same time.
It is easy to monitor a VM status and change its configuration from the VM setup form

Try for free

The solution we have introduced today is a cloud version of VMmanager 6. Unlike the On-premise solution, you don’t need to install it on a server. VMmanager 6 On-premise will be released later. In order to test the panel, please send us request on VMmanager 6 page.
Use a freshly-installed server with CentOS 7 x64, Internet access, and a public IP address. If you don’t have one, you can get a physical server from Selectel for several days.
Send your feedback to help@ispsystem.com.

What’s next

This beta testing is only the beginning. Now we are testing VMmanager 6 SaaS and collect your feedback. At the second part of 2019, we are planning to finish testing and start offer commercial versions of the control panel. At that time we will launch a version of VMmanager which can be integrated with BILLmanager and WHMCS. Later, you will be able to create virtual data-centers and work with Docker.