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Top news. 2017


At the end of March we introduced the new ISPsystem client area. It`s based on BILLmanager 6. We are pleased to invite all of our clients to authorize and test the brand-new interface.






BILLmanager 6

Platform BILLmanager automates hosting and SaaS/IaaS projects. It has two levels: client area and admin area.

BILLmanager for clients is the place where they can buy and manage their services. Sales conversion depends a lot on user friendliness of the client area. We strive to make the interface more and more intuitive and attractive for users.

UI/UX engineers have completely reworked design and logics of the client area, and at the end of March we introduced it to ISPsystem clients. Please authorise to evaluate the new UI. 


KernelCare integration module

In March we developed KernelCare integration module. KernelCare allows to update Linux core without server reboots. KernelCare checks for new patches every four hours, and automatically applies those patches.

Using the integration module, you can easily order and install KernelCare directly from ISPmanager Lite interface just in a few clicks. If you have a website, but you lack administrative skills, this module would allow you to install KernelCare just in just a couple of minutes.

If you are a hosting provider, you can add KernelCare license to your list of services. KernelCare makes it possible to improve your customer service, increase uptime, and gain additional revenue.







Azure Pack integration module

Microsoft Azure Pack is known as powerful and affordable software for servers and Data Centers based on Windows Server. Unlike in Microsoft Azure, with Azure Pack you don't have to use Microsoft resources.

This module will be interesting for SaaS/IaaS/Paas projects, infrastructure resellers, and VPS projects with flexible configurations based on Windows Server. It would allow PaaS projects to offer clouds for web applications, and IaaS projects to provide complete virtual data centers.


Conferences in March

ISPsystem visited 3 different events in March. We were at HostingCon USA, held a presentation at WHD.global in Germany, and told about the brand new BILLmanager at CodeFest in Novosibirsk.

It was really great to meet old and new friends, and we will keep you posted about any future event we attend.







1. Synchronization of branding settings with cluster nodes. Changing the branding settings will be followed by synchronization with other cluster nodes. (5.95.0)

2. Now you can see a detailed status of virtual disk relocation. (5.96.0)

3. Configuration of name servers for virtual machines. Name servers can be configured for operating systems of virtual machines that are setup from OS templates. Name servers are specified in the corresponding field in 'Cluster settings/Policy'. (5.98.0)

4. VM history. Recipe deployment results are now shown in VM history. (5.98.0)


It is now possible to sell domains with manual processing. It allows providers to work with unpopular registrars and process domains from unsupported domain zones. (5.94.0)


1. PHP 7.1 alternative version is now supported. (5.98.0)

2. Remote access to MySQL-servers is now supported. (5.95.0)


Please welcome our new partners:

You may find the complete list of our partners and resellers in partner section on our website.


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ISPsystem team